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Duan is the frontman and guitarist from Seven Collar T-shirt, one of the many products of legendary independent outfit, Laguna Records. He has such an expressive and emotion filled voice that even until today fans religiously sing along wherever and whenever they perform. Besides being a performer he is a music producer, composer and music director doing a lot of work behind the scene and has a formal education in music. On the table is also his stint as Head of the Music Department for Tune Studio. If you google him, he AND his band fly under the radar yet have made such a huge impact on musicians and music fans alike. The band is legendary, Duan’s voice is unique… that’s what got me thinking that I need to know more to understand his journey. Join us as we discuss his music and his mindset.

#JENNERASIKU #TAPAUtv# TAPAUasia #makeascene

*Originally livestreamed on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29 2020

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