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What can I say that I haven’t said about this creative ball of mischief, talent and heart that I haven’t said before. I am totally in awe of his ability as a songwriter and artist with vision. Of course there have been ups and downs to the journey and trials and errors but nothing can deny talent especially if the talent keeps on going. Noh Salleh understands the art of being an artist and he wears it so casually that people feel they know him and they love him for entertaining them, for singing songs they can relate to, for reaching out and caring… he is the consummate independant artist playing by his rules, doing what he wants to do but yet understands the responsibility that it brings. Join us as we take his journey down the musical road of his career.

#JENNERASIKU #TAPAUtv# TAPAUasia #makeascene

*Originally livestreamed on SUNDAY DECEMBER 13 2020

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