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For the opening of Season 3 I have a very special guest that has been through a crazy journey. Faizal Tahir is an artist always moving forward, always thinking out of the box, always wanting to be different. He really stands out. From nasyid group to reality program to solo artist to award wining composer/producer to owning his own outfit @faithfulmusicmy and the emergency of a social enterprise, @iamfaithmen this inspirational artist uses his voice to bring awareness to those in need. The thing that always blows my mind is not only his music but his lyrics amazes me that anyone can even think of the unique phrases that are so signature to him. Join us we take a walk up the road to being where he is today. #YNWA

#JENNERASIKU #TAPAUtv# TAPAUasia #makeascene

*Originally livestreamed on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22 2020

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