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A story of two star-crossed lovers entering intimacy in purity. After breaking the walls into vulnerability, these lovers enter into a state of intense yearning. Longing for each other to be by their side, forever.

SUARA KAMAR is part of WAKTU (LP) by I-SKY

“WAKTU” is the debut project for my musical persona; I-SKY. A compilation mixtape explaining the blueprint of my musical styles. The tracks in this album came from unreleased sessions, jams & ideas that were built with me and my friends from 2016 – 2018. These tracks that I held on to had a lot of meaning to me. They made me feel something. To sum it up, this is a story of the journey of my evolution through sound. I hope you give it a listen from start to finish. Or listen to only to the ones you like. or maybe just don’t listen to it, IDGAF. But I hope it made you feel something. Be it good or bad. Thank you.”

Click here to listen to WAKTU By I-SKY https://backl.ink/143299692

SUARA KAMAR Music credits:

Written by I-SKY & Akid Amir
Performed by Akid Amir & Lunadira
Produced And Mixed by I-SKY
Mastered by Redza Ramzan

Akid Amir · I-SKY · Lunadira

Video Credits:
A @prj___ production

Director & Colourist : Amani Azlin (@amania_)
DOP & Editor: Matthew Chow (@mattiechow_)
Producer : Sara Kong (@sarakzl_)
VFX Artist : Shah Azman (shahazman_)
Art Director, Stylist, MUA : Carabelle Cheong (@carabelle_cheong)
Hair : Juno Ko (@juuu.ko)
Assist : Christy Vignesh (@chriistee_) & Farah Fadzil (@falaaaaaa)
Talents : Aniq Durar (@aniqdurar) & Yasmine Lazuli (@bihnti)
Special thanks to @_base.studio

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